Nikos Valksamakis (en)  |  Nikos Valksamakis (de)

The Greek artist Nikos Valsamakis, who studied in The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg (HFBK), catapults the landscape back into the dramaturgy of colors. At first, figurative constellations determined his painting, later followed by multicolored parcel – like conglomerates, which are reminiscent of views of differently planted fields, bundle a sea of candles, or give the impression of autumnal leaves, so his canvases have become increasingly abstract. The space now manifests itself in the pulsating glow of color – and this means both the lighting effect and its ability to create worlds and create depth in the surface – wich is compressed and expanded in a variety of nuances and layers. The ocher tones, which prevail on the front line, so to speak, as the first image impression, make one think of the gold backround of icon painting and light fields that shine from the inside out. On the edges, as the artist notes, there are still “motif remnants”, perhaps the afterimage of a stylized aureole, delicately veiled color fiels or geometric elements that detach themselves from the floating layers of the image space and at the same time frame it before it takes off completely. They are perceptual images, images that deal with seeing and expand our ability to perceive.

Dr. Belinda Grace Gardner